Naughty School Girls Get Spankings ( L.T. )

Naughty School Girls Get Spankings ( L.T. )

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Anne By BlankSpacesOfTime Updated Nov 01

Once again, I find myself bent over a desk with my bare äss exposed to Mr. Tomlinson. It seems like every little thing I do deserves a spanking, even though I'm 18 years old. What kind of a girl's boarding school punishes its students by spanking them like children? All I can say is that what they're doing is illegal, but none of us girls can say anything. Every time he punishes me, the embarrassment nearly kills me, but protesting does nothing for me since my mother who is a wealthy duchess, sent me here in the first place.

WARNING: There are some ràpey vibes in this story and some sexual harassment. Please read with caution.

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getting spanked by louis tomlison is not something you should mind
ReisGhoulChan ReisGhoulChan a day ago
Hahahaha.....If I went to that school I would of had negative points in the first five minutes
Go ahead, I ain't got no problem. As long as CHU aren't involved.
La_Kiwi La_Kiwi Nov 30
When the first thing you think is 'yes daddy' you know it's time to get off Wattpad lol
i would make all my points taken away on the first day of school
• Ya need friends
                              • You legit just need a boyfriend (or girlfriend, lol)
                              • I'm having a feeling you cry to yourself at night, so you need some counseling.
                              • You're a bitch, no one in the staff room looks you in the eye.
                              That is what I've learned.