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Secret Crush (Larry Stylinson)

Secret Crush (Larry Stylinson)

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WE ❤️ Larry Stylinson By 1DerfulFanfics_ Updated Sep 30, 2015

Secret Crush (A Larry Stylinson Fanfiction) 
Written by: 1DerfulFanfics_

Harry Styles, an 11th grader at Holmes Chapel, an outcast, a nerd, and has only one friend named Niall Horan. 
Louis Tomlinson, a 12th grade football player who's admired and loved by all the girls and the most popular guy in school. 

Louis has an eye for only one girl, Eleanor Calder, the school's most popular cheerleader. Harry on the other hand has a secret crush on Louis since he saw him during his freshman year in HCHS.

What will happen if Harry and Louis are being paired up on a class project? Will Harry take the opportunity to get to know Louis? or will Louis finds out that he felt the same way for Harry? Will they end up being together? Or Harry will just continue to have a Secret Crush on Louis? 
It's for you to find out!

larrystylinson170 larrystylinson170 Jul 12, 2016
Hearded not a word it is heard or hear I am not trying to be mean I just wanted to tell u sorry if u thing I was being mean
Annette_Larry4ever Annette_Larry4ever Oct 16, 2016
Long long ago, I actually thought leprechaun was some animal like a lion or sumtin.
musicismyescape2002 musicismyescape2002 Jun 01, 2016
My little brother did that to Me and my family and we couldn't breathe at all and our windows were broken at the time
readwiththemaster readwiththemaster Dec 01, 2016
About the farting at the car I know how's that fell but I'm the one WHO farted.
LoveJoy1D LoveJoy1D Jul 02, 2015
It reminds me of when Lou mimic to Harry, "London is quite big."
Ukaku-type Ukaku-type Jun 18, 2015
almost with my dad but luckily I had my strong perfume scented scarf it hurt my nose but it was better then smelling my dads fart