Abuse,Sex,and Lies(A Mindless Behavior love story)

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sillygirl134 By sillygirl134 Updated 2 years ago
This is a story in which a girl named Lyric gets bullied by her used to best friends,and she doesn't know why they hurt her.Craig,Chresanto,Jacob,and Ray bully her,mostly sexually.Mostly Craig,though.Find out what happened when they were best friends;and learn how they slowly fix their friendships-or maybe even more than that.
Y they even start bullying  u  u maybe shouldve explained more .....
I'm 16and my name is  mimi and I want my hair to be long and have China bangs like lyric and I'm just like her and have a bug booty and I can dance and sing
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bullll shiiiitttt this story lame as fuck why would you let them bully her then she letting Ray in her house making out and then go see them play ball and hugging all up on them and shit but at school she don't want shit to do with them this dumb ass story.
I would like to be named jasmine , short , skinny and hazel and hazel eyes and light highlights. Could she be a tomboy who is sweet and nice to the one getting bullied
I would like to be a girl named Charlotte and have blonde long hair and white skin and be popular
I love it I would of commented but I didn't want to stop reading :/