Levi X Reader One-Shots

Levi X Reader One-Shots

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ˎˊ˗baby boyˎˊ˗ By deanphobia Completed

This book is completed. I have mad writing block for Levi for some reason I can't write about him anymore which makes me sad. I got over Levi and I don't really have much romantic feelings for him anymore. I love every one of you that decided to stop by and read my book. Thank you ❤️

These are some Levi one-Shots because he's the fabulous King. Requests are closed for now! It doesn't matter how many times your request I don't care I love all my fans! I am still crappy writing Lemon so don't expect the best when writing lemons ;-;! 
I wouldn't recommend reading my first couple of One-Shots...

All characters are not mine they go to the rightful owner!

Finished [June 8, 2015 - June 28,2016]

credit to the picture owner//cosplayer <333

written by a teenage boy

....my boyfriend's back and ya gonna get in trouble 😎😎😎😎😎😂😂😂😂😂
I'm 12 wtf Levi. I don't mind, but still. You're 34 for fucks sake
dansetphilonfire dansetphilonfire 3 days ago
He's sarcastic as fùck and acts like a dick sometimes😂 love him thoooooo
Levi is so different in this!
                              I didn't know he had feelings!
If I was in that situation I'd say ok? Then leave so I can go laugh so hard i end up on the floor
I'm sorry but the first thing I thought was "Those bitches ate you now you eat them bitches!"