Adult Bedtime Stories

Adult Bedtime Stories

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Caleemays By Caleemays Updated Sep 15, 2015

Every once in a while it would be nice to be adored wouldn't it?

Crack...that was the sound my tooth made when I took a bite of my green olive.   Tears flooded my eyes as the pain shot thru my mouth.  I shoved my chair back and grabbed my cell to call my dentist.   After what seemed like an eternity he answered. 


I tried to answer but my mouth hurt so much that I couldnt.
He must have realized that I couldnt talk so he switched tactics and asked yes or no questions with me having to hit a button once for yes and twice for no.  
Then I was instructed to meet him at his practice so my tooth could be taken care of.  
I jumped in my car and made my way there within ten long painful ridden minutes.  When I pulled up I was so grateful to see the lights on.  I got out and knocked on the door just as he walked out from the back room with a steaming mug of coffee in his  hand.  My eyes took in his entire body.  His hair was clean cut and his body looked so hot in a simple tshirt...

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