Alpha's Second Chance (Completed)

Alpha's Second Chance (Completed)

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CandaceJ By thecandygir34 Completed

(I'm freaking out. My highest rank is #242 in the werewolf category. Do you know how many people write werewolf books. Ive never been ranked before. This is so cool?)

Brianna just turned sixteen. She never thought since she was an omega which is also the last rank in a werewolf pack. She didn't think she would ever found her mate. But one day she smelled a delicious scent which was strawberries and chocolate. She was over joyed when she found out it was the upcoming Alpha Jake. 

But when Jake finds out he rejects her quickly because he didn't want a mate so pathetic and weak. 

And did I mention that since she was the lowest in her pack they all treated her like crap. Since her parents died in a werewolf war four years ago they treated her horribly. 

Her only friend was Samantha who was also a omega but the Alpha liked her and I mean when he lost his mate he had his way with her. She felt dirty and hated that he rapes her whenever he felt like it. 

Then there's Alpha Chris he is twenty-two and who is also the king of Alphas. He lost his mate as soon as he met her. He became heartless but what happens when both Brianna and Chris meet. 

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Why da fuq is you apologising..? Beat this Bītchs aśs and tell her to cook her own breakfast
O hell nah, before her hands even got to her face she should’ve taken a hold of it and beat her damn
SnowVioletX SnowVioletX Feb 06
I call the second dot, Anastasia, as shall you'll be the princess.
Jake wasn’t wrong doe, she is pathetic af, she wants to leave now for good after a stupid rejection but her best friend getting rapēd everyday isn’t a good reason to leave for good...🤔
Why didn't you make your mind earlier when your friend was getting raped for crying out loud that was terrific. Now you wanna leave huh!
angeIcake angeIcake Jul 11
Wow. I really think I’m on Jakes side with this one. Your friend getting raped and abused everyday wasn’t a good enough reason to leave, but as soon as you get rejected by a boy it’s time to fücking jump ship. That’s really selfish and pathetic.