Leap of Faith (Vikklan Fanfiction)

Leap of Faith (Vikklan Fanfiction)

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Acelyn By xAcelyn Completed

I needed to get away from him. He cheated on me one too many times. But after my parents forbid to let me live with them after I came out, he was the only person I could turn to. But now I was done.

I ran. 

I ran away from him, from my parents, from life as I knew it. But I didn't know that I would be putting my life at risk.

How was I supposed to know the plague had spread to our country?

How was I supposed to know that the apocalypse had started? 

Maybe that's why I was hesitant to go with the blond Australian who had tried to help me. My parents told me to never trust strangers. But after he told me what was going on in the world, I might have to go with him to survive.

I might just have to take that leap of faith.