Young Justice: Red Beetle

Young Justice: Red Beetle

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(Red Beetle: Book 1)
When Remy Emerson wakes up with a villain after her and a red Scarab attached to her spine, she know she's in trouble. Not only is the Reach coming after her, she has to work with her new superhero team mates, try to regain her memory and figure out if Blue Beetle aka Jaime Reyes is more than just a friend.

I will not be controlled. Death is better than being on mode.


*I do not own Young Justice. I only own Remy Emerson and other characters I have created.*

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SilverwarriorCat SilverwarriorCat Oct 11, 2017
Touko_White Touko_White Aug 12, 2017
Everyone always teases me for my height....
                              BUT NO MORE!!!!
                              I AM FREAKING AVERAGE PEOPLE!!!!
- - Jun 12, 2017
Nice of you to notice 
                              And might I ask does my blood look good today?
CynderFyre CynderFyre May 17
She is blood pressure? Can we call her Pressie for short?
                              (In other words, "your", not "you're".)
keohnas keohnas Oct 14, 2017
Nightwing_Pennyworth Nightwing_Pennyworth May 11, 2016
cool a little confusing but cool. I'm sure what confused me will make sense as the story moves on.