Zombie Rap

Zombie Rap

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J3nna By marshellmallowbabe Updated Jan 15, 2013

----------Zombie Rap---------

Blood and gore and guts, thats the way these mutts fuck, with an assortment of cunt sluts

"To much anger!" Is what they preach, why cant they believe what they teach?

Beating on the gays, the jews, and yellows, all I have to say is "what about that fellow!?!?!"

Now them zombies dont discrimate-ever, they eat the brains of whomever.They may act like there brain dead, but that's only because you fucked their brains in.

They were ok until society "fixed" them, they were ok until society took a shit on 'em

Were shootin them and hustlin 'em before the day ends, im starting to see how these zombies are feelin, like a load of fucked up animals in a pig pen

They aint just zombies, they people too, would you really treat people the way zombies treat you?

No? Then why you retaliating, bitch, these motherfuckers need as much help as them starving kids. 

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