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Strawberries(BTS Jungkook smut)

Strawberries(BTS Jungkook smut)

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Pens_paper328 By Pens_paper328 Updated Apr 13, 2016

You sat at your table stirring your glass of strawberry lemonade. You were at your friends wedding. You watched your friend dance happily with her husband. When you notice a guy staring at you. You look back to see if it wasn't someone else. He was smirking at you. You look back at your drink and constantly looked up to see if he was still staring. Which he was. After about 10 minutes of staring at you give in and stare back. He chuckles to himself, then he drinks out of his straw and gives you the eyebrows. You copied everything he did. When he stretched, you stretched. When he drank, you drank. Finally he stood up and stared walking towards you. You pretend not to notice. He sits right across from you. You smirk at him while finishing your drink."Did you enjoy our little game " he asked. You both fold your arms on the table. " It was sure amusing " you smile. He stares into your eyes. "May I ask what your name is" he said in a sweet tone. "(Y/N),and you are". He looks at his hands an...

jimin comes and pull jungkook for a kiss and said 'bish stop disturbing my kookie and i will give u my abs' '*show his abs and leave*
Did you know we live in a bubble? 
                              Unbeliebubble. *this is from the Hello Counselor ep where Jin And Jimin was there as guests*
guysss...guysss it's not Justin's justin SEAGULL
jinkookology jinkookology Aug 23, 2016
                              YES, BUT YOU WANNA SAY NO!!
                              Justin Beiber. Is tat u?
ddrdingcong_jeon ddrdingcong_jeon May 28, 2016
Me: *pumunta sa isang tindahan*
                              Tindera: Ano po gusto niyo?
                              Me: Isang  lalaking kasing loyal nga po ni Jungkook.
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL Feb 10
*gasp* JB TAKING OVER DA WATTPAD WORLD!!! Seriously, I've seen this line so many times now XD