I'm Sleeping With My Teacher..

I'm Sleeping With My Teacher..

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xXBelieberSwagXx By xXBelieberSwagXx Updated Jun 18, 2015

Sky Anderson is anything but your normal head cheerleader at Tree Hill High. She's the nice one. Her two best friends Allie and Veronica are always by her side. But her ex boyfriend is dating her enemy whom he cheated on her with.

   Mr.Bieber is the new English teacher at Tree Hill Highschool. He has brown hair with slight blonde in it, that's also styled perfectly, caramel brown eyes, a dazzling Bieber smile and tattooed sleaves. Almost every girl has a secret crush on him.

What will happen when Sky gets a bad grade and needs tutor? You guessed it, Mr.Bieber the new hot and sexy teacher becomes her tutor.

   Little do they know they have the hotts for eachother. What will they do when they wake up together in the same bed?

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