Just Kidding, But Seriously...

Just Kidding, But Seriously...

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Voted "Most Likely to Join the Circus" consecutively by Killian High's past three 2009-2011 published yearbooks, and as said by practically every person in the entire school, Derek Wells is the school's ultimate class clown. Seriously, if you're ever in need of a good laugh just go to him and he'll have you clapping your hands and shaking with quiet laughter like some dumb seal. 

The biggest joke of all to him was love. What was that? It was just some mushy, four-letter word that somehow could make a girl either swoon or cry or slap you in the face depending on the circumstances. 

So when Derek puts on his newly-acquired glasses for the first time in school, he doesn't expect to see Gwen, one of his closest friends, in a completely different light. Suddenly when she smiles, it feels as if something is crawling around in his stomach  and he isn't sure if it's the suspicious crab he had for dinner the night before or gas.

When Derek confesses his feelings to her, of course she's going to take it as one big joke. It seems that "the funniest kid in the school" can't say those three words without having someone wait expectantly for the punch line.  

Will Derek prove to Gwen that he can be serious when he needs to be? Or will she just wind up laughing in his face?

skittleslover31 skittleslover31 May 27, 2017
That's juxtapositioning 😊 my English teacher would be proud
Sorry, the ass was too good, I-I couldn't  resist I'm sorry 😥
Omg, I remember that one phase in 4th grade when EVERYONE was obsessed with One Direction. 😂
Damn! This book was on my recommendation list for months but I never cared enough to check and now I freaking regret it .... I should have started reading this earlier!!! Such a good start !! 
                              Dying to read more!
Omg, I want do keep him he has such a bomb ass personality 😍😍😍❤
I listen to Beyoncé. I ain't a pansy fight me bro 👊👊👊👊