Curiosity (Medic x Reader)

Curiosity (Medic x Reader)

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Limping down the hallway to the medic's lab, you dragged your mangled leg on the rugged ground. Blood seeped from the large gash that concealed your once smooth skin, but was now a monstrous cut caused by a lethal combination of a sticky bomb, sentry bullet, and idiotic attempt to push the cart while it was stuck by Scout, forcing it to fall on top of and crush your leg. 

"Shit," you hissed, slowly approaching the large double doors with a red cross sloppily painted on them. You were losing blood quickly. The doors were only a few steps away.

"Medic.." You whispered, your vision was becoming hazy. You were swaying back and forth and breathing heavily. To your amazement, you realised the pain in your leg was disappearing.

This was not a good thing. Your leg was becoming numb, your skin fading to white and seemed to lack much needed color and blood. You were at the the double doors at last, lifting your weak hand to push them open.

You couldn't do it. A sharp pain coursed throughout ...

Holy shite!!! I was just looking for the book!!!! I'm sarryyyyyyy!!!!;-;
And at that moment I knew this story was going to be great X3
0_0 I have lost too much blood... I need a tissue I think... Medic...
ApolloTheSunGod ApolloTheSunGod Jul 18, 2015
me: ohhhh I thought you were just going to cosplay Indian Jones
LupoShadoe06 LupoShadoe06 Jun 30, 2015
My friends are jerks! They know I don't like reading medic x reader, yet the force me to read it!
- - Jun 09, 2015
She's  losing blood from her wound, I'm losing blood from my nose. HOT DAMN!