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Brothers (boyxboy twincest) BEING EDITED

Brothers (boyxboy twincest) BEING EDITED

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Phylli Cheese By phyllisryan Completed

Jacob and John saw there mom get killed in front of them when they were 4! Then when they are 15 Jacob has feelings for his bother and now Jacob has no  idea what is happening to him. After there mom died John took it harder then Jacob!  He cut and never really had the same smile. But does John feel the same way his brother feels about him find out and READ!  Btw John and Jacob look exactly like but there is one thing that's different  John is a little shorter then Jacob besides that they both have black hair and gray eyes!

*gasp she is a horrible person how dare she not let you do DRUGS and have SEX!!😂
SWEET BABY JESUS  I am 13 (shouldn't red this but who gives carp my guy friends say hings worse ) And not even my girl--friends touch me and she had twins
Good book. Great book. BVB is amazing, therefore this is great.
OHH shes terrible. Only terrible "moms" keep you from doing DRUGS and having SEX 
                              That up there was straight up sarcasm people ^^
Puppy177 Puppy177 Sep 09, 2016
Would everyone in this comment section kill me if I told you I'm gonna not let my children not do drugs and sex (pleasedontkillme)
The_Internet_Devotee The_Internet_Devotee Aug 27, 2016
*sunglasses fall onto his face along with the DEAL WITH IT caption*