Dead Hearts Can Love, Too ▪ Demetri Volturi (on hold)

Dead Hearts Can Love, Too ▪ Demetri Volturi (on hold)

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' spooky aicosu ' By Wolfpanther Updated Sep 26, 2016

He's all limbs, long and smooth, but the rigidness of his bones dart out in his wrists and cheeks makes him look more dangerous and unforgiving. They way he laughs, it echoes in the room, quaking through everyone's ears before it disappears and leaves the room to wonder when the next time he'll laugh- because he's never laughed before. When he did though, his Crimson eyes will suddenly light up. His smile is crooked, always leaning more into the left. Like everyone else, he seems to always be studying her, maybe it's just simple curiosity, or maybe in the back of his mind he's plotting the story of her.  Though he's very literate- but whenever someone doubts his brains he has someone to back him up and folds his arms across his chest and leans back against the wall. 
Demetri Volturi is starting to lose interest in his life but when his singer comes to Volterra after her father was taken away and the tourists killed, will change all that. Can he find true love in the midst of the Volturi's watchful eyes and insatiable thirst?

Her father- Jakob Carson- knew something she didn't: the people of Volterra were vampires with a thirst for human blood. And that meant keeping her away from them, with their red eyes and scorching thirst that would make their mouths water. For he was one himself, although Vegetarian. 

But Rosalie Carson had always wanted to see Volterra, with its towering, ancient castle and ancient leaders. Although she, a young child at the time, don't know that when a mortal goes in, they don't come back out alive.

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Alison_Volturi_14 Alison_Volturi_14 Aug 18, 2016
Charlie Bewley is 5'11 so Demetri is the same height. Just to let you know.