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Haruhi's Big 'Brother' and the host

Haruhi's Big 'Brother' and the host

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MadHatter204 By MadHatter204 Updated May 24, 2016

Age: 17

Birthday: June 20

Height: 5'11

Blood Type: AB

School year: 2nd year

Likes: sweets, strawberries, CHEESECAKE, coffee, singing, guitar, skateboarding, cooking and baking, martial arts, kendo

Dislikes: Bullies, homework, dresses, chores

Job: Mimi's Café

Crush: ?

Secret: She fights underground in order to get more money everyone thinks she's a boy, she's known as Bloody Thorns, other secret ?

Background: She was really close to her mother even more than Haruhi, she blamed herself for her mothers death. She knows Honey senpai since she was a kid and met him at the park she would always go with her mother. Honey knows she's a girl and that she works underground but doesn't tell anyone. Honey and her got close because of their love for sweets. She learned how to hack into anything so when she transferred to Ouran she changed her gender and wiped out anything personal. 

Personlity: She can become happy to mad out of no where , she keeps to herself most of the time and doesn'...

Ok. So I've started reading 3 or more (probably more) fan fictions today, and all of the oc's bloodtype is AB. What is this?
*silently screenshots before-* *screams to death* AHHHHH KISE Y U GOTTA BE SO HOR?!?!- *dies*
AyaLamaachi AyaLamaachi Jul 03
good now i have someone with the same blood as me and let me tell you i am awake really early and didn't get to sleep so the corpse of my cousin may or may not be dead behind me
SkyleraWolf SkyleraWolf Jun 29
Wait I'm kinda creeped out I like all those things especially cheesecake not lying I swear
Pshh your 5'11? Im 5FLAT! HA! BEAT THAT! ໒( ಠ ڡ ಠ )७╭∩╮
Bigdreamer34 Bigdreamer34 May 30, 2016