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Scandalous! (Sequel to HSS & ITHWAK)

Scandalous! (Sequel to HSS & ITHWAK)

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Cookie Moretti  >:D By xxWhoAteMyCookiexx Updated Feb 18, 2015

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! It's been nearly a year since Mikinnely Highs most scandalously popular boys (Derek James & Evan Staton) have become an official couple and now the two are starting college with a bang!
Impulsive Derek has asked Evan to move in together and while Evan is highly tempted by the thought of waking up every morning next to his boyfriend, he can't help but feel cautious. Dereks parents have been fighting lately and he feels that THAT'S Dereks ulterior motive. To get away from the fighting, not actually wanting to move in together to strengthen their relationship.
And there's the matter with the mysterious boy who keeps trying to break them apart. Who is he and why does it seem like he has something against Derek?
Then Derek makes everything worse when he decides that maybe he should join the military, something Evan isnt too enthused about. With so much drama swirling around the new couple, their still fragile relationship may break and if it does, who will be the first to walk away?
.....No one, if mischievous Giovanni Moretti (I Tempted Him With A Kiss) gets his way but then again, he's having his own relationship issues. He loves his possessive boyfriend Hunter with a passion but he just cant seem to get over adorably sweet Nick. If he had his way, he'd keep both but thats just absolutely scandalous!
He takes a vow of celibacy until he can figure out his erratic emotions but that isn't exactly working out so well, especially when theres so much hormones flying all over the place, mainly his own.

Make it 6 because my sister started that one when I locked her out of her bed room and damn the bïtch can claw!
aquzirah aquzirah Mar 30
maybe that guy actually charles friend that said both Evan & Derek is gay..Just hypnosis...
I'm team Hunter as fffff.  Fingers crossed until they stay that way.  I really want Gio and Hunter to make it until THE ENDDDDDD.  😄
I say that to my friend all the time hence I said friend not friends
Jealous Derek is my favourite Derek.... only second to Lovey Derek
Gunnaboo Gunnaboo Sep 30, 2016
Yeah we all know what Cookie was doing in the background 😏