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Clara By _intrusion_ Updated Jul 03

17 year old Harper was always a good girl. She went to go, got good grades, had the biggest heart, and she loved exploring. Harper has always been sheltered from the world, she never partied, always listened, but one day she wanted a change. Walking home from a party, she gets kidnapped.

Silas on the other hand, wanted one thing. He wanted to find his mate. When he finds Harper at the party he knows he needs her. Silas was cold-hearted, strict, and had serious anger problems. He had no problem killing anyone who messed with him. When he realizes that Harper isn't legal he knows he can't take her home and immediately mate her. He does the only thing logical and keeps her locked up. 

"Listen here. You're mine. I want you. My wolf wants you therefore, you will stay in this room until you're 18 and ready for carrying pups." He states. "You're not aloud to step foot outside this room unless you are with me." I let another tear fall. "Can I at least call my family and let them know I'm okay?" I ask with my head down. "No!" He snarled. "I am your family now." With that he closed the door locked it and went upstairs leaving me to bawl.

birdyenglish birdyenglish 6 days ago
Girl you don't just say "k" you run !!!! Like put up a fight no matter how authority his voice hold
sesameseed01 sesameseed01 Sep 11, 2016
Classic kidnapper style is the white van with tented Windows
LisethBreton LisethBreton Jun 28, 2016
Is she nit gonna try and do something about the situation she's in?
AnaObviously- AnaObviously- Jun 12, 2016
Why did I laugh at this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏
ravenkare ravenkare Feb 20
Um... Sure let me fix my shoes👠 and whack you with them and run off 😒
hope123114 hope123114 Jun 10, 2016
I beg of you, I'm already hooked and it's only the first chapter!!!!!!!