Atelophobia | Gale AU

Atelophobia | Gale AU

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pocky-tail By pocky-tail Updated Dec 22, 2016

Levy Mcgarden is well known for her intelligence and beauty. Aspired by her mum, and knowledge gained from her dad she is one of the wonders of her family. Many never saw her like that, in fact only few every acknowledged her growing up.

Taking a leap of faith into her future she encounters a mysterious man on her way, will she trust the unexpected?

What will happen when one day the twists and turns make up an unfortunate fate only to lead onto hope? Will Levy ever pull through to become more confident in herself and to put faith into the future?

Who will come, who will go?

 Will she ever have a family to call her own?


Hiro Mashima owns all mentions of Fairy Tail.
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Talltail369 Talltail369 May 12
It's has been one paragraph and I'm already SAD!!!!! 😭😭😭😭
SaphiraKrieger SaphiraKrieger Feb 20, 2016
Omg I know exactly how you feel Levy, I hate converse sometimes
_Ice_Dragon_Slayer_ _Ice_Dragon_Slayer_ Feb 16, 2016
Thy Lucy could improve by following me...
                              *hint hint* *nudge nudge*
iReadFiction iReadFiction Dec 25, 2015
Lol at first I thought it was Gajeel bit then I realized how much of an idiot I was
musicgeek4eva musicgeek4eva Nov 11, 2015
This is weird because the Gajevy fanfic I read just before this one, had Lucy as a mean b*tch