Love Books and Happiness•a Kyoya Ootori Lemon Love story

Love Books and Happiness•a Kyoya Ootori Lemon Love story

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LemonLimeCocktail By LemonLimeCocktail Updated Apr 27, 2014

Chapter 1: Welcome

I walked down the halls of Ouran academy for the first time. The teacher who escorted me was quiet. He brought me to my first class of the day. Just as he was opening the door, the teacher got up to speak. I stood; front and center of the class with my usual blank expression. 

"class, this is our new student, Natsumare, Naomi." 

There were some whispers and commotion around the class. One boy in particular seemed to pay much closer attention after my name was said. He sat up straight and pushed up his glasses with his index finger. His onyx eyes met my emerald green ones. A smirk played his lips.

He seemed to be trying to seduce me, something that I'm sure would work on any other girl, but I didn't have time for distractions. My father is the owner of a very successful medical company that provided hospitals with medical supplies, so it really wasn't a shock to me that people new about my fathers business and would stir up at the mention of my name. 

I sat down ...

PotterheadAngel PotterheadAngel Sep 07, 2017
.....I read "A fine nose, of a fine lady."....
                              I think something's wrong with me...
_Kalli_Love_ _Kalli_Love_ Jun 30, 2017
Nah if the twins tried to force me I don't care I would be throwing a fit and hit them f*ck that don't put your hands on me I'll be super pissed off
MusicBunny23 MusicBunny23 5 days ago
F for Flowers
                              U for Universe
                              C for Candy
                              K for Kuroshitsuji
                              But my name is
                              V for Victorique
                              I for Ictorique
                              C for Ctorique
                              T for Torique
                              O for Orique
                              R for Rique
                              I for Ique
                              Q for Que
                              U for Ue
                              E for E
                              Names is Victorique De Blois
shiroteals shiroteals Jul 06, 2016
Makes me think that Tamaki can't stand ugly rich people then. Shame cause most ugly people have a heart
Victor_Nikifxrov Victor_Nikifxrov Feb 02, 2017
Ha random boys touching me is where my BS meter hits it's limit and the fuckińg  run meter kicks in
IsYouCallinMeASinner IsYouCallinMeASinner Jul 29, 2016
I laughed when Tamaki said that...*furiously whips head side to side* Where are the fine young ladies at tho? Where? Where? Where they at tho? 😂