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My Bully

My Bully

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Ereri_FanFics By Ereri_FanFics Completed

Eren is 16 he had moved from Germany to America two years ago when he what 14 because his mom past away...... But things where a living hell for him since he moved there he was bullied repeatedly by the bad boy that goes my the name Levi Heichou 

Everyday he would torment him and pick on him till the point Eren just wanted to die but without Eren knowing he was slowly falling for the person that thought he was better off dead......

STOP you aren't that Titan now QUIT IT you're gonna make Armin scream
MamiAlly MamiAlly 6 days ago
Mikasa: Eren cut it up.
                              Eren: Marco or Farlan style?
                              Me: *laughing while sobbing uncontrollably*
MamiAlly MamiAlly 6 days ago
"Stop it hurts no more" 
                              Eren Is great goods grammars no mores.
MamiAlly MamiAlly 6 days ago
maybe his alarm clock is just shy...?
                              ER.... Errr.... ErRrRrMMmm...
                              Mine's all like: "WAKE UP OR NO YAOI FOR A MONTH, BITCH"
ereri_whore ereri_whore Jan 15
Lmao all the teachers in the school hate me if they see this happening to me they'll be like "lmao she failing my classes anyways"
TheLadyNova TheLadyNova Mar 07
They ask how you are doing, and you say your fine, but you're not fine.