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Leaning Into BDSM

Leaning Into BDSM

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StoryMakerClaire By StoryMakerClaire Completed

A true story on how a girl digs deeper into her fantasies of bondage.

jesicoco124ev jesicoco124ev Dec 23, 2016
Plz edit this you can NOT TURN a sexuality, ur sexuality is not a light switch
1D_farnazayn_ 1D_farnazayn_ Mar 02, 2015
actuall hell im just an inexperienced trying to find out more. trying to know myslef and ny desire but im really confused.
paaparoni paaparoni Dec 07, 2014
i mean, i don't really think that your sexuality is some sort of switch that you can turn on and off instantly and just 'turn' into but whatever
nikka055 nikka055 Aug 30, 2013
also @AnchorsAndShips it is NOT required you can be involved in power exchange type relationships without sex. There are plenty of Doms that do not require sex from their sub. For instance their are many service oriented subs that do not perform sexual favors but are more like house slaves.
StoryMakerClaire StoryMakerClaire Jul 02, 2013
Anchors and ships dont think its all about the sir and that shud b satisfied cos its not. You both shud b comfortable and receive pleasure from eachother. Your limits are equally important as his, and the biggest part about performing a little role play or what not, is that you shud b having FUN!
AnchorsAndShips AnchorsAndShips Jul 01, 2013
@Zombieater54 Thank you. Since i posted that comment Ive explored deeper into the "specifics" if you will of Bdsm relationships and I do agree with you, sex is required. I mean at the end of the day its not about what YOU want, its what pleases Him