Little Sister || TWD ✔️

Little Sister || TWD ✔️

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Sequel: We Are Survivors

Taylor Rhee, a 12 year old girl. Her life changes as soon as the dead come back to life. She doesn't know where her family are; her Mom, her Dad, her Brother, her Best Friend. She's alone. But that all changes, she comes across an unknown survivor in the woods. He asked her if she would like to join his group, she accepts.

Will she make friends or gain enemies? Fear the living or fear the dead? And most importantly: Will she find her family who are believed to be dead?

The only thing we do know is that she is surviving in the zombie apocalypse...

For now.

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seoulmatejinnie seoulmatejinnie May 14, 2017
This is my family but better. I would get mad at one of my siblings doing that to me then id get groumded for doing nothing on my bday.
Christine1714 Christine1714 Mar 27, 2017
                              I never like started to cry during a fan fic. But now glenn's kinda hurts ya know?
shoulderfriend03 shoulderfriend03 Dec 15, 2017
Was that the episode where patrick and spongebob were having a war over dirty and clean
DawningFlower DawningFlower Nov 11, 2016
Is this just going to turn into my life in real life. Except I'm Glenn and my little cousin is me.
Madilame Madilame Oct 11, 2016
Glenn as in the one in the show or someone els cuz I'm confused 🤔
DawningFlower DawningFlower Nov 11, 2016
Where can I get that! I need to get my little brother that.
                              Seriously, my little brother is awesome.