Unleash the Alpha (Realm of the Veiled: Book One) [ON HOLD]

Unleash the Alpha (Realm of the Veiled: Book One) [ON HOLD]

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S. M. Waters By naturelover123 Updated May 09, 2016

The Veiled were once worshiped as gods. But since the medieval ages they have hid in the shadows of myth, away from humans prying eyes. The council of The Veiled have decided however it's time to take off their masks and enter the human realm once more.  It's risky- but who wants to live in the shadows forever?

Owen Silverwood. Rumor has it his bloodline descends from the gods themselves. They're known for their fearlessness and their divine strength in both mind and body. Owen may not be the king of the werewolves, but he is something much more powerful, he is a legend: he's never been bested in battle, never lost a conquest, and never fails to make an impression. He is the alpha god among his people; kings look up to him and his enemies cower at his feet. However, his control and his very being is tested when he meets Lyla Ridge- a human- a mortal- his soulmate. 

Lyla Ridge had thought moving to a new town for senior year would be hard. What she didn't realize was the secret that surrounds the small town of Silverwood. She feels it- underneath the mixture of hostility and sweetness- trying to boil its way to the top. With one dream and one branding kiss she comes crashing into a world she only thought existed in myths and fairy tales.

YourLostWithoutMe YourLostWithoutMe Aug 29, 2016
Oh shît i got literal chills down my spine I've never felt that when I've read a book before
RumzRoyal RumzRoyal Jun 26, 2016
Best intro into the story  I've read.  Really good way to first introduce the character's.
emarlar123 emarlar123 Jul 19, 2016
They could definitely be related, they look a lot alike! Great casting!
writing_is_love writing_is_love May 19, 2016
That's do dumb, if all her dreams come true it's better to risk danger than possibly prepare for it? Pfff yea sure
RebelliousWinter RebelliousWinter Jan 09, 2016
Oooh, foreboding! Short chapter, but again nice dispersal of information without it becoming to much.
RebelliousWinter RebelliousWinter Jan 09, 2016
I love your writing style, nice prologue. It give's just the right amount of information about the main-character and her family, without it becoming to much for a reader to handle all at once.