The Perfect Date *Completed*

The Perfect Date *Completed*

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Sonia John By CrypticCoffeebean Completed

Dating tip 101: What do you do when everyone you've ever dated has left you for someone else leaving you broken hearted? The answer is simple, you make sure the next person you date doesn't get the chance to meet anyone else. EVER. 

*** Hey guys, Sonia here. This is my first novel based on the fact that relationships nowadays do not last as long as they used to because we have so much more temptations and its just so much more easy to meet people online (Just a theory). Plus the main character is obviously a tad bit psycho!

As its my first story, please feel free to point out any grammar mistakes etc that I've made. It would mean alot to me if u'll gave me some feedback and enjoy my story!!. :) :) :)

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pickles2705 pickles2705 Dec 31, 2017
Sounds a bit like the theme of Once Upon a Time. 😂👌👌
monkey-2123 monkey-2123 Apr 11, 2017
I don't think that the N was suppose to be there, lol, that is something that I always do
lying_fandoms lying_fandoms Aug 02, 2016
I just finished this one episode of Gotham and it was almost exactly like this but also different and I was wondering if you got like this from that a little? because like the characters are so similar and the plot is kinda too in a way
FlowerThornRose FlowerThornRose Oct 12, 2016
Yea. I wonder what he's making?!? Steak? Fish? Lobster? Burgers? Salad? Pasta? etc...
Little_Kimichan Little_Kimichan Jun 10, 2016
Wow. It's like seeing the real her for the first time. I feel sorry for him
lilywhite15 lilywhite15 Jul 31, 2016
Reading this for the second time! I've realised I've been a silent reader so I'm gonna vote and comment more as well now :-)