Kingsman || Hearts Collide

Kingsman || Hearts Collide

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Kingsman never knew that Harry Hart had a daughter, Y/n Hart. He kept it a secret for 23 years, in order to protect her. Inheriting the mysterious and kind manners of her father, Y/n learns to adapt to whatever situation is thrown at her. Harry hides the fact the Y/n has great potential to become a Kingsman, and denies any fact of having a daughter. 

After the death of Chester King, Harry became the New Arthur, Leader of Kingsman, which made it harder for him to keep his daughter a secret. 

But soon, things start to go downhill. When one of Kingsman's best Agents is killed, Eggsy, and Harry both have to find a knew recruit. Harry refuses to let Y/n join, but when Kingsman is one recruit short, he has no choice. 

When Eggsy and Y/n first meet, the immediately hit it off, becoming best friends instantly. What happens when Kingsman is attacked? What will happen to their friendship? Will it become something more, or descend into total chaos.

TimeBandit360 TimeBandit360 Aug 29, 2016
                              I LOVE YOU AUTOR-CHAN
boglarka_ boglarka_ Feb 20, 2016
Its amazing😍thank you:) but whats the meaning of y/n,? Im sorry, im not english, but ive beeb finding it forca long time
lunaeclispe2001 lunaeclispe2001 Aug 16, 2015
OMG my grandad looks exactly the spitting image of Colin Firth. It's so scary!! But cool
Versus16 Versus16 Jul 06, 2015
Merlin would break more of his mugs, that would be his reaction. hahahha XD
bby-jaemin bby-jaemin Jun 28, 2015
you poor old man. wetting urself when u go missions eh? tsk tsk...