My BadBoy's Brother

My BadBoy's Brother

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Riley By SpeakingTruth Updated May 29, 2014

"Stop stealing my food." I glared at him but I knew he could see I was joking. A smile appeared on his face as I knew he had an idea. That's Never Good.

"Here have it back." Carter opened his mouth and spit out chewed apple all over the floor. I didn't know weither to be angry or just plain disgusted. Carter burst out laughing and I couldn't help the edges of my mouth to twitch. Don't laugh, just keep a straight face Rose.

I kept my face expressionless as I squatted down to the chewed apple remains on the floor and scooped it up in my hand. Carter stopped laughing once he saw what I was about to do. I threw the chewed apple at him, landing right on his face. Bulls-eye.

There was about a two second silence before I bursted out laughing, clutching my sides at the comical sight in front of me. A look of shock and rage was present on Carters face and I could almost see a purple vain in his forehead throb. Of course this made me laugh twice as hard.
I was struggling to breathe as Carter slowly wiped the apple of his face and glared me down.

"You do know you picked up something that was in my mouth, right?" Carter remarked. How did I not think of that? Who knows what has been in Carters mouth! Or should I say, Who has been in Carter's mouth.
I cringed and wiped my hands on Carter. He could have his disgusting germs back.

"You do know you are just adding more of my germs if you rub it off on me." He said slowly as if I was a child.

"Well isn't someone smart today? Wait you said we were late for school! We are definitely late now!" 

"Calm your pantyhose, I lied to get you out of bed." Carter smiled.

"Wow, that must be a change from you lieing to get women Into bed." I said before walking out the front door.  I got into my car but not before earning a middle finger from Carter. Isn't he charming?

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Sadly-just_me Sadly-just_me Dec 27, 2014
Please update...I love your story and don't stop. Your a really great writer.
Valeriegabrielleee Valeriegabrielleee May 24, 2014
Does she end up dead or alive I have to know
                              Or was that the last chapter and shes perm dead
crazyforlove56 crazyforlove56 May 19, 2013
can't wait until you update i like this story its cool!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))
SpeakingTruth SpeakingTruth May 18, 2013
I know this is supposed to be at the start but Wattpad is acting psychopathic so its all screwed up!!
crazyforlove56 crazyforlove56 Apr 19, 2013
love this story still upload if you dont get that many reads please it's really cool ............. :) i hope you do good on ur tests and after that upload please