The Devil's Tenth Rule [COMPLETED]

The Devil's Tenth Rule [COMPLETED]

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1.) Call Me "Master"
2.) Just wear sexy dresses
3.) Communication devices are not allowed.
4.) You are mine. You're going to pleasure me.
5.) Follow all that I want. Especially in bed.
6.) Always remember that you're just a sex slave.
7.) You are no longer allowed to go outside, or else, I'm gonna fck you hard.
8.)Try to escape, and youre dead.
9.) One cry, one slap.
10.) Never fall inlove with me.

I was an adamant that my feelings for him would not change because he was a devil when we first met. I knew that loving him would cause my early death, would cause me harm. But my heart was treacherous because no matter how many times I wanted not to fall in love with him, the more that I'm falling so hard. He was a sadist, he was a fucker and all I could feel was hatredsl towards him. I never knew that this would happen, I never expected the outcome of this.

Yes, I broke his tenth rule. I broke his fucking tenth rule. I didn't know that breaking his tenth rule would really cause me to die, figuratively.

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Well no way why would i skip those chapppies if yun talaga pinunta ko ditohahahaha charrrot lang😂
                              Open minded naman po Hakuna Matata~~~
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Ganda naman ng cover binago ni author lab you author gandah ng story❤❤❤❤
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My type of story. Thank you author. Where have you been all my life? 😂 I'll support you po. Fighting! ✊
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Im not a green minded ms author malwak po ang pngunawako.thank u po sa paalala.
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Babasahin ko palang story moh but i think magugustohan ko itong story na natoh....godbless author..
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Emerged im so excited to read this story :) dont cha worry author im open minded ♥