Surprise!!!(An Arranged Marriage Story) {Slow Updates}

Surprise!!!(An Arranged Marriage Story) {Slow Updates}

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Rebecca By sk8erchic8911 Updated Mar 19, 2013

Meet Ruby. She's a sarcastic, stubborn, and rebellious emo girl. She despises her rich parents and her overly preppy cheerleader sister.

Meet Ethan. He's what you would call a 'player' and proud of it. He's an only child and likes to have his various girls keep him company.

What happens when these two totally different people are arranged to be married? Well, the ending will truly be a 'Surprise'.

Argh! I suck at writing these things. My story's better than my blurbs...

Unoriginality4801 Unoriginality4801 Jul 12, 2011
i love ruby...she kinda reminds me of ...ME!!! From what i've read she seems cool beans.
mis4-2n8 mis4-2n8 Jun 18, 2011 the opening giving the meaning of typical story themes! harhar this one is great! keep it up! (^o^)
FrancescaAnnalise FrancescaAnnalise Apr 07, 2011
heey.. Not really into arranged marriages storys.. THIS IS THE FIRST ONE I ACTUALLY LIKED! Soo well donee!!!!! SERIOUSLY!! what type of Cove would u liek for it?? Message me xxx
cupcake_queen cupcake_queen Apr 07, 2011
Wow...great story. Can't wait till the next chapter
sk8erchic8911 sk8erchic8911 Apr 05, 2011
@simply_forgotten303 Thnx! And sure I'll check out your story :D