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I'm Back!

I'm Back!

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Zoe By weetwifan Updated May 05, 2013

"You stupid bitch!" He hissed. My face was flung to the side due to the force of his hit. I could feel the burn and then it was gone, healed. I swallowed my growl and put my head down. 

"Alpha, I apologise." I stated, my voice firm, void of any emotion. He growled.

"That's not good enough, you will have to be punished. I do not tolerate mistakes in my pack." I nodded. I knew this would happen.

"You will get the normal punishment, go stand in place. Tommy, do something right for once and secure her." I walked over to the wooden frame at the back of the field. I had been here countless times, one hundred and three to be exact. I held my hands up and out to the corners of the frame, Tommy secured my wrists in the silver shackles. I let out a hiss out. Tommy's eyes welled with tears.

"I'm so sorry." He whispered. I shook my head, allowing my eyes to soften.

"Don't be, just be strong." Tommy was a young wolf, only twelve yesterday and so he now had to train, he had to be a warrior. His...

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LATARA100 LATARA100 Jul 02, 2016
I'm bout to cry he bout to whip her😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
LaniehLakis LaniehLakis Jan 02
I love this prologue , without these spelling errors, it would be perfect
RuruMik RuruMik Sep 04, 2016
I actually would have found it cooler if she didn't utter a sound when she was whipped, just to show off her coolness a little more
Iwasthestars Iwasthestars Sep 07, 2014
Lol for some reason I was reading this In like a mojojo voice
threefox threefox May 17, 2013
it is a really awsome story. I like it when the girl has power.