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A Light That Helped A Star Shine {StiCy/StingLu Fan-Fic} Fairy Tail (ON-GOING)

A Light That Helped A Star Shine {StiCy/StingLu Fan-Fic} Fairy Tail (ON-GOING)

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Christinxlx By Christinxlx Updated Apr 20, 2016

Hey hey hey~~!

I suck at writing descriptions but to state the fact that this is a StiCy/StingLu Fan-Fic NOT a NaLu or GrayLu or whoever a STICY/STINGLU!! Okay... So it's cleared... StiCy.

I don't have much to say about this book but I can say one thing. This is NOT the clichéd 'Lisanna comes back from Edolas and everyone starts picking on Lucy' okay? Just no.

So if you're looking for that type of book then you're not gonna find it here. But if you're looking for a book WITHOUT one then you're in luck~~

Hope you enjoy ♥️


I apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

R.I.P. Destiny from kiwaii overload 
                              *last words please read this over my comment grave...😱
legalementbrune legalementbrune May 15, 2016
Scc ca 😑😑- 🐺🐣@ 🐔🐩- 🐈- U should check it out 🐈🐈
Intellligent Intellligent Dec 30, 2016
rei_reki rei_reki Jan 24, 2016
Because if any of us fan fic writers did it wouldn't be as good
imonfire19 imonfire19 Dec 19, 2015
Natsu: SERIOUSLY! Gray, Loke, Laxus, Gajeel, and now HIM! what's next?! Rouge?! *Looksatthem* FIRE DRAGON-
                              Me: *knocks him out* Shuddup I'm readin!
                              Natsu: *whimpers and rubs bump on head*
white-dragon_empress white-dragon_empress Nov 18, 2015
I always say this at school then peeps stare at me as if to say ' what the what' but me and my friends just laugh ha ha ha