Larry Stylinson Smut

Larry Stylinson Smut

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MyChemicalErrection By MyChemicalErrection Updated Jul 15, 2015

Just some Larry smut one shots for you're dirty minds. I got the holly water, see you guys in hell lol.

If against this pure bliss, then don't bother reading or lecturing me. I write this myself, so don't accuse me for copying stuff. It's unintentional.

Enjoy x

When he says Willy I literally go Awwww cause that sounds so innocent
As long as El is not the mother I'm fine 
                              Someone wanna join me when I'll go to hell? Let ne know, I'll take Nialler with me, thays for sure tho! :)
Uh oh I feel incest coming on and if it's the dad and son then ew,brothers...okay,twin brothers YASSS
I think I need to go to Church and I go to a Catholic school and we have Curch on Friday's... I feel horrible
                              See y'all in hell
I'm completely shock that this would happen between father and son. And like wow
emo_styles15 emo_styles15 3 days ago
He's a boy tho he doesn't have a slit ....right? I'm a virgin I have no clue