Zeref's Sister

Zeref's Sister

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Hanna By TheSoulOfFairyTail Updated Apr 16, 2016

He was evil, and it was east to see.

She was too, but there was more goodness to see.

He never saw the light in anything.

She saw light in many things.

They hated each other.

For reasons that seemed childish.

He was the one that wanted a new world, to change everything that was ever known.

She liked the way that things were, and if something happened it happened.

To who knew him, he was hated.

To who knew her, she was loved.

The most hated man in the world had a secret that didn't like being a secret, and made sure she that she didn't. The Evil Zeref had a sister that very few knew about, and soon enough, many more people would know about her.

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DelicateLoser DelicateLoser Mar 31, 2017
What if he turnes into Acnologia because his sister left because of the ending line "Zinnia leaving him. It would also start one of his many mental problems that would come to bite him like a dragon. " hint hint Dragon 😉
AnimeLover71205 AnimeLover71205 Feb 22, 2018
Like the fact how she ins't dead considering Zeref loves her so much
makisodd makisodd Jun 25, 2016
I honestly don't think this is very realistic for her to be his sister..
FreakingLEM FreakingLEM Jun 30, 2016
She must be Natsu's sister as well. 
                              Because in the Anime. Zeref Revived his younger brother,  Natsu, Who died.