Further to Fall (Eremin)

Further to Fall (Eremin)

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hello there By xtheblueumbrellax Completed

Years of abuse and loneliness has left Armin a scared, broken mess. But what happens when a beautiful ray of sunshine named Eren cuts through Armin's darkness and takes over his mind? Will Armin shut him out, or finally open up his heart? Soon, Eren becomes Armin's happy escape from his violent, abusive home life. The blonde soon realizes that his new ray of sunshine is the key to his true happiness. 

warnings: abuse, sexual content, harassment 

[I do not own any characters mentioned in this story. All characters mentioned belong to the creator of SNK/AOT, Hajime Isayama]

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Anime_Koibito Anime_Koibito Dec 30, 2017
This old man never learned a lesson.
                              *Holds my Grenade Launcher, from which I used it earlier*
                              Ya gonna die, nigga
Anime_Koibito Anime_Koibito Dec 30, 2017
                              I dare you to not mention 'sexual content' in front of perverted peopleXD
Kaspper Kaspper Apr 02
That’s actually my mom when I don’t want to go to school
Anime_Koibito Anime_Koibito Dec 30, 2017
Who the hell cares? Your home is full of idiotic behaviors and physical abusive people with bad influences, disrespecting the boy who is kind and intelligent. Ya stupid negga ~ michael
Anime_Koibito Anime_Koibito Dec 30, 2017
If I could say, if I was there with armin I would've whoop that old man's ass
userlain userlain Jan 03
have you ever met a fùcking teenager in your life, like ever?