A Kiss's Spark

A Kiss's Spark

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Aiden Yeager didn’t want to leave his hometown to a new town and attend a new school. He found it extremely hard to make new friends. So befriending Claudia  Masters was a blessing.

After ten years of a blissful friendship, Aiden decides to show his true feelings to Claudia.

When he kisses her, imagine his surprise when she doesn't respond to it at all.

Soon the twosome discovers that kiss led to several sparks - some bad and some good.

@CountryGirl101 is the designer of this stunning, beautiful, alluring, and just perfect cover! Thank you, girl. <3 :)

  • 1st-person-pov
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Fondness_Fantasies Fondness_Fantasies Apr 28, 2015
Love this book! Woah, he revealed his feelings for her that quickly?! I thought he would wait a while or something. :O
Fondness_Fantasies Fondness_Fantasies Apr 28, 2015
This story is awesome! It's well written and beautiful! Shame on those kids for laughing at him! :( anyeay, love your book so far!
lankylukas lankylukas Apr 27, 2015
Your story is honestly incredible. This well-detailed but the thing is I feel like things are going way too fast  in each chapter (or maybe its just me)
                              It has a cliche plot, but I think with a little bit more of your spark, everything would seem like your own.
                              (did my review made any sense- no)