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Til 6AM (Markiplier x Reader)

Til 6AM (Markiplier x Reader)

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Hannah Nicole Ramsey By AH_LilMadFree Updated 3 days ago

You're a 23 year old girl, who moved back into your hometown, in hopes of finding yourself again.
You've felt lost and alone while living in Santa Cruz, and you just needed to be where you knew you belonged, Los Angeles.
You moved in with a guy named Mark Fischbach, who is also known as Markiplier on YouTube.
As the months go by, you slowly grow feelings for Mark during your spontaneous Adventures with him.
Completely oblivious and unknown to you, Mark also develops feelings of his own towards you.

Will you and Mark become a thing?
Will the fans love or hate you?
Will they keep you two apart?

You won't know unless you read and find out for yourself!

(Description updated, 11/10/15)

Gamer_Grace Gamer_Grace 4 days ago
Can you do a more interesting house tour? Like banging bongos of the poop gods and pelvic thrusting out of bathrooms, finding butt stabber entrances, showing us the mustache you wear for "hot saucy prom dates" and much more
Gamer_Grace Gamer_Grace 4 days ago
2 thoughts when reading this bit 1. YOU CAN MAKE CUSTOM WIFI PASSWORDS? (don't judge me I'm dumb) 2. Awwww
Gamer_Grace Gamer_Grace 4 days ago
I don't want the mac 'n' cheese to make fun of me though.... get me freezer pizza....cheese
Arora_Chan Arora_Chan Feb 20
I love in a small town nere the border and in the summer. We are all fücking dying. So...yeah I rather be in LA then were I live. Plus nothing happens here anyways.
I thought it would be somthin like "BumBum" or "BooperDooper"
We have 360, but gosh...
                              I CANT FIND ANY FRIGGIN GOOD GAMES! 
                              AND IT WONT LET US CONNECT TO THE INTERNET!