Inuyasha x reader

Inuyasha x reader

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OtakuFangirl By Animelover2787 Updated Nov 16, 2016

You were abused by two people who brought you to life. Both of them were drug addicts but they created you. Why couldn't they just get an abortion and got it over with. 

They hit you with anything they can find or with their own bottles instead. Nobody knew you existed, nobody thought you were really. You Never had friends. You went to school but they just bullied you.

You'll just wait,wait, and wait till your parents come home and come home drunk. But that during time gave you time to watch Inuyasha. You'll smile, a real smile not like those other fake ones. A real laugh lasting for a moment.

Everything was real during those times even your emotions. But that made you realize sometime now you could escape now. This hell that is called home. To be free of pain and to be achieving something. That day was today.

You looked at your time. 
|10:00 p.m|

Parents still didn't come home. You grabbed your clothes, brush,phone, money,food, etc.

You grabbed the rope your pa...

TheSinBox TheSinBox Jun 27, 2016
This is gonna be on my gravestone and I'll say this while I'm dying
madest_hatterest madest_hatterest Dec 23, 2016
How did Juvie get here ??? Shouldn't she be stalking Gray ??? 😮😮😮😕😕😕😕😕
I can see the future with my phone so take that back furball
ShadowFirePack ShadowFirePack Apr 11, 2016
Ryuk: *eats apple off InuYasha's head*
                              Me: WHAT THE HELL MAN?!?! THIS ISN'T EVEN THE RIGHT ANIME
Lemening Lemening Jun 21, 2016
I had class in school too, I droped out with my sister. To early to wake up