You Rejected Me You'll Regret it

You Rejected Me You'll Regret it

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Paige By wolf20002 Updated Sep 05

Elisha Bennett your classic nerdy girl, shes shy and 17, smart, and apparently to others who think of her as loser four eye freaky geak.
but what happens when she finds out her her alpha?

Justin Jones alpha of the death moon pack,17, strong, hot...,
Justin is the football star of the school.....
he always loved Elisha....but when he found out they were mates........he rejected her......

Now He's Going To Pay
cover is Elisha!

Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 Jul 12
I Hope that Elisha teaches you a good Lesson that you won't Forget! 😄 😄
_staryeyed_ _staryeyed_ Sep 01
My younger sisters name is Alisha it's spelled really similar to this so I'll just end up reading it like Alisha
flaboy10 flaboy10 Apr 17
Who cares. If you are going to write a story you don't abbreviate any word. You write it out. And where did you get the idea that a/n's were part of writing. I have never seen any a/n's in any stories by Tom Clancy or Stephen King or even William Shakespeare.
That's what I would do, but I wouldn't hit the locker I would hit SOMEBODY in front of me
wolf20002 wolf20002 Apr 18
Well good for u +flaboy10 I could care less what Dick's like u think cause people like u try to bring writers or people down