She's A Fighter

She's A Fighter

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Street fighting is just a small part of Tessa Wood's messed up life. She's got a haunting past and a little sister that she would do absolutely anything for. Her dad's just plain broken.

 He's one of those parents that gets drunk all the time and doesn't give a crap about his children. 

When new boy Alex moves next door to Tessa, it's not long before Tessa's life spirals out of control.

 Tessa's love life isn't a major priority for her until a confession from a friend shocks her.

 And as if Tessa doesn't already have enough to deal with her ex, Xander, comes back. And let's just say that... He's not a very good person. Xander's back for one thing and, one thing only. Tessa. 

But Tessa's not going down without a fight. After all, She's A Fighter.

( Story is very badly written. Although my writing does improve towards the end. SO DONT INSULT THIS BOOK WHEN IVE ALREADY WARNED YOU. CHECK OUT MY OTHER BOOKS SIMCE THEY'RE MUCHHH BETTER!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)

I think this will actually happen to me one day and that's bad😂
catlady321 catlady321 Jul 04
Say u beat up someone. Then be like "U shouldve seen the other guy"
I swear I thought the author was going to say electric blue hair😂
gracieTpie gracieTpie Sep 28
gracieTpie gracieTpie Sep 28
This makes me happy because it means she has flaws and isn't just some Mary Sue 😊
I was So into the story my heart ached when she said that😂😭