Who Ever Said Life Was Easy?

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Amber By ambersunset24 Completed
My life has never been easy. With my abuse step-father and drug addict mother, how could it be? Then there's school. It's my escape but at the same time I have no friends. Everyone thinks I'm wierd, and I guess wearing winter clothes in the summer might be why. But not having friends makes hiding the truth easier. However, all this changes when a new student notices me... 
I frickin luv books like this, and honestly this is just how it is..... :( It's really good and i LOVE THAT SOOOOONNNNG! ;)
i agree with Mokarran down there. Though, you don't have to be so harsh(to Mokarran). I agree with everyone else as well, AWSOME STORY!!!!!!
kill the bastard father haahaaaaa!!!!!!! I like it  ALOT!!!!! Woohoo!!
OMG i really like this!! plus her stepfathers a total freak of nature lol
WOW. That was good. More Please! Lol. I Feel Sorry for Ariel :)
OHHMIGOD her life  sucks soo much. her stepfather is such a psycho freak!! STILL THINK ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! XD