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A Small Girl, But She's Daryl Dixon's Sister

A Small Girl, But She's Daryl Dixon's Sister

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Zombielover By Meliahsturges-Writes Completed

"You cant hide it, I know..."
"know what?" he asks. 
"Im just a girl and a lonely one to. Im not worth a Dime Carl. I aint worth anything. So quit acting like im your everything. Cause Im nothin."
Right as she said that, someone pulled there gun out and, Boom!

Based off of AMC'S The Walking Dead. 

Oakley Dixon was Daryl and Merle Dixon's little sister. She got separated from them at the beginning of the apocalypse. But after a while, Oakley gave up hope of finding her family.

NiiSanTM NiiSanTM Dec 11, 2016
Fun fact: I expected her to use the plastic spoons and forks as weapons 😂
Korea is in Asia? So he is Asian... what is he going on about? I'm like 95% sure that Korea is in Asia, so he is Asian...
Asia is a continent and Korea is in that continent, people need to learn
Or wait- is it like being called American when your from Mexico? Or like, Canada? So American is more like USA and it's proper to use Canadian and Mexican if they are from Canada or Mexico, even tho technically they are American, and it's weird to call them American? Is that it? Idk
AphmauFandomSoldier AphmauFandomSoldier Dec 06, 2016
ZOMBIE speak english woman it's pronounced "walker" zombie is gibberish
Simar25 Simar25 Aug 24, 2016
If she starts calling him Asian man like I think Daryl did in the show instead he said China man imma laugh