Winter [Percy Jackson Fanfiction]

Winter [Percy Jackson Fanfiction]

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❝ she was a storm -
    not the kind 
    you run from,
    the kind
    you chase  ❞

A girl washed up on the shore of Camp Half-Blood last night, half-dead and cold as ice.

No one knows who she is, or where she came from. Strange things, scary things, start happening around camp. The pegasuses won't eat. Campers suddenly disappear. Bodies are found, mauled and bloody, in the woods, torn apart by a mysterious killer. Among the chaos, the demigods still can't figure out what to do with the girl.

That is, until she wakes up.

Whale then. Someone get Mr.D, he can snap him back to reality since his also the god pf madness
Y'all better take that as a sign and put her back in the water
If it weren't for Chiron the camp would be in flames. Moment of silence for Chiron.
Why were a bunch of little kids outside at night in boats unsupervised
Leo: Duck,Duck,Duck!
                              Frank: Don't you mean Dun,Dun,Dun?
                              Leo:Nope. I ment Duck,Duck,Duck
Oh.... moment of silence for Chiron again but for a different reason