~>Jetta Davis. Are You Ready To Know The Jet?<~ *On Hold*

~>Jetta Davis. Are You Ready To Know The Jet?<~ *On Hold*

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nikita ღ By dannii07 Updated Jul 16, 2011

Jetta Davis. The best vampire hunter. While on a mission she loses one of her team mates who is also a friend who was lost in a fight to Delano Morte. They fight and she is winning that is until Savan Morte steps in and thows her aside. The three fight. And Delano falls hurt and knocked-out. She fights one one one with Savan until she see's a look in his eyes. A playful look. A look that was evil and that changed her life....

Jetta Davis. Are You Ready To Know The Jet?

Read to find out....

  • anger
  • arms
  • asrai
  • blood
  • caught
  • characters
  • control
  • dark
  • day
  • delano
  • escape
  • eyes
  • fight
  • fun
  • hugs
  • hunter
  • hunters
  • hurt
  • impriosned
  • jet
  • jetta
  • jettadavis
  • kicten
  • mask
  • meet
  • mind
  • moments
  • morte
  • nice
  • night
  • savan
  • shock
  • silent
  • skin
  • smirk
  • soft
  • sparks
  • stir-up
  • tears
  • touch
  • twins
  • vampires
  • van
  • vega
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@pixxie_sticks <---i will start it now. okayy. im glad you like it! =]
                              love ya!
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@chubbybear56 i will get right on it now if you like! it may or may not be up today and if not it will be up tomarrow!
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@chubbybear56 <--- thank-you soo much and I will take what you said for the future!!!!