fanfiction || narry

fanfiction || narry

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newt scamander By gayziams Updated Oct 13

"I was really looking forward to having you fuck me in the ass" 


The one where Harry finds himself reading fanfiction about him and Niall and suddenly wishing it would actually happen.

story by gayziams

i said that too in the beginning but that didn't happen 😂
my mom caught me reading an ashton or lashton story that had sex in the name 😰😰
OuiNarry OuiNarry Oct 13
Don't get mad at wattpad Harry it did nothing to you 😂😂
canarryyellow canarryyellow Aug 08, 2015
me bc my mom already caught me reading smut once and then i redownloaded it
nouiam-is-my-life nouiam-is-my-life Apr 23, 2015
@nouis-is-my-life I just changed my nane and wattpad is acting up and my first msg has my last username...xx
nouiam-is-my-life nouiam-is-my-life Apr 23, 2015
@nouis-is-my-life thats good then thanks dor the reply! :) xx