Gravity Falls High School x Reader

Gravity Falls High School x Reader

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(Y/N) was a new senior in Gravity Falls High School. 

There, she meets strange people whom she likes and dislikes - some students, and some teachers. Unexpectedly, her school year ends up being filled with romance with people from a voice-cracking smarty to a sly, yet yellow and handsome, teacher. 

Luckily, she has some new friends to back her up. 



Cover made by me. 

Just so you know, my writing get WAY better as the story progresses. 

This story was inspired by the Black Butler High School x Reader fanfic on Quotev. So if you like Black Butler (like me) go check it out!

icefirewolflord icefirewolflord Oct 03, 2016
                              Hold the fukin phone.
                              Are we going to be dating our teacher?!
MatterForTheMemeGod MatterForTheMemeGod Nov 09, 2016
Boi bet you didn't know that you'd write a freakin amazing fanfic
Reading this book fills you with....
UltraAloha UltraAloha Sep 25, 2016
I guess that makes sense but at the same time doesn't make sense
_Relic _Relic 6 days ago
                              Pero, yo hablo español un poco... ._.
Awkward_Amethyst Awkward_Amethyst Oct 16, 2016
In Highschool you don't have snack unless you sneak in a few chips here and there.