The Bad Boy Taught Me To Fight

The Bad Boy Taught Me To Fight

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               "Cutie," he breathed, his lips lowering closer to my own. My breathing hitched as I felt my body start to go limp. His face was so close to my own, I could practically feel his lips brushing over mine while he looked into my eyes with his intense stormy ones.

               Then he smirked with his trade-mark smirk.

                "You are seriously the most gullible, and naïve person I have ever met." 


               Our ex-popular Julia Hayes is bullied by Ashley Power - a girl she would have, at a time, called close enough to be family.

               But something changed between them last summer, something that Julia didn't mean to happen.

               Now, Julia has to deal with the wrath of her former friends led by Ashley.

Does she talk back?
Does she tell anyone? 
Does she fight back? 
 Absolutely not.

               So, what is she supposed to do? 

               Well, she is perfectly fine with just letting them get away with it for the rest of senior year.

               But now, there's one person who's NOT okay with letting that happen.

     Enter in, the school's newest Bad Boy.
                      Chance Gold.

               Chance has seen her get picked on by Ashley Power, more than once. And him - being one of the best fighters in the school - decides that he doesn't like the fact that Julia never fights back.

               So, he takes it upon himself to teach her to fight.

               What will happen when you mix a clueless good girl and a head-strong bad boy?

               Only time will tell...

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