The Pack Oneshots

The Pack Oneshots

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Petty By fakeimagination Updated Jun 14

This is just going to be a whole bunch of the pack oneshots... I mean obviously.

I put trigger warnings when necessary so be careful if you are easily triggered. (Also if I didn't put a warning for something can you tell me so I can put one in the future?)

I do take requests for ships, but from now on I refuse to write any ship involving Mitch. Yes I get that he is part of the pack, but is just a personal preference so all of those suggestions will be ignored.

I will also take story requests, I won't always write them but if you have a request you can message me those.

Well that's basically it, have fun reading!

I've got a migraine and my pain will range from up, down and sideways.
                              Am I the only one that thought of that?
HalpMeImDed HalpMeImDed Jun 20
cutting is genuinely one of the most unintelligent things to do with your life
desipher desipher Jun 26
Wen I tea "Mr D" I got so sad! He was an amazing and such a funny teacher! His name I forgot, but his nickname was Mr Detention. God I miss him ;-;
PastelHusky PastelHusky Jun 04
My mom teases me because I talk to a friend of mine too much. When he is gay, I haven't told them because I know I wouldn't be allowed to hang out with him after that but still it's annoying.
Is it bad I instantly thought of Joshua dun while reading that?
- - Jun 15
My band teacher and some of my middle school teachers do that. I get so annoyed