Mine and Only Mine (new version)

Mine and Only Mine (new version)

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20MusicLover By 20MusicLover Updated Jul 12, 2015

"Your mine and only mine", he said angrily. "Do you understand me, no one will have you", he breathed in deeply trying to contain his wolf. 

"I'm not anyone's property", I said with a smirk. "If you want me your going to have to fight for me", with that said I ran off. 

Laila Glass is the best fighter in her pack. Her and her pack is starting a new life. And the bad thing is that the strongest, meanest, and biggest pack in the world lives here. They say that the Alpha of the Dark Moon pack is heartless, and is ruthless. 

Ryder Lock, the Alpha of the strongest pack that ever lived. They say that he is ruthless and doesn't hesitate to kill. No one has been able to break down the barriers around his heart. But everything changes when he gets his mate. 

But will Laila be able to find out the truth about herself and Ryder's??

  • alphas
  • lost
  • love
  • packs
  • wolves
s1mpler_t1mez s1mpler_t1mez Sep 04, 2016
Never apologize for writing your book the way you want to. The chapter was really good and it built the suspense
mermaid786moon mermaid786moon Sep 18, 2016
Don't be silly I am already hooked to this book can't wait to read what happend
tehya96 tehya96 Oct 12, 2016
What heck no I wouldn't do that I'm more important than any pregnant lady, also my brother should care about me more cause I'm perfect. Duh.
umubetterstop umubetterstop Jul 15, 2015
There is alot of double spaces and gaps, but overall I think its great.
lovelovebooks117 lovelovebooks117 Jul 13, 2015
Im really intrigued by your book so far, I have high expectations for it as I believe it could be great; I just hope that this story stays intriguing. there are multiple things that u can work on to improve the way u write.