His Betrayal

His Betrayal

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Andie💋 By GEMalicious Completed

Annabelle isn't your typical 17 year old werewolf. For starters she hasn't even shifted yet. Her parents believe that since she hasn't yet found her mate it might be what's causing the problem.
So they send her away, to her grandparents pack where the soon-to-be mysterious Alpha is not yet mated....

What are the chances of him being the one?

And even if he was....Even if she did fall hopelessly in love with him....

Would the betrayal be worth it in the end?

Literally the most humiliating thing that my brothers do to me
MrsIsaac670 MrsIsaac670 Aug 25, 2016
They are not stupid....they need to clarify...sweet and sweetened are diff..... 😐😐😴
1twomany 1twomany Sep 29, 2016
Who in their right mind drinks unsweet tea?! I don't understand how people can stand the taste of it!
Snumaira21 Snumaira21 Nov 29, 2016
I hope this story is not as boring as I thought .
                              I hope there are some romantic comedies or 
                              Adventure . 😞😐
They usually aren't that nice to give you an option of sweetened or unsweetened.
CuteMythologicalCats CuteMythologicalCats Jul 07, 2016
Non sweetened American tea tastes disgusting, so, of course she wants it sweetened. #Don'thatemeI'mAmericanToo