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Talia Rhea By Talia_Rhea Completed

Waverly is a passionate, strong willed kind of woman. It has never been in her nature to do what she's told and to calmly accept things. So when she's pulled through to another world, her first response is to try to find a way home. And when she's told that she's the soulmate of a man called the Dread General, her first response is to try to harm him physically. 

This new world she's found herself in is full of beauty though, and she can feel it calling out to her heart. She starts making friends without realizing it and the Dread General really isn't so bad when you look past the disfiguring facial scars. However, her desire to go home remains strong. Until an assassin appears with the intent on destroying the fragile, newly born peace between two kingdoms. Then it's up to her to bring the royal families together and prevent war while struggling not to like the Dread General Rois.

It's not like soulmates are a real thing anyway...

This is sooooo beautifully written! The story is captivating and your writing brings it all to life!
Such passion for dancing.. I hope i can dance, but dancing hates me
TheHippieNextDoor TheHippieNextDoor May 16, 2016
Did you ever read the manga Red River? This reminds me of it so much!
mugrez mugrez Oct 26, 2016
I did that once when I was at the park and I don't know what it was but it looked like a huge cockroach crawled on my leg. It still gives me the c hills thinking about it today.
mugrez mugrez Oct 26, 2016
It be like the Ring when Samara is trying to get you. I'd be like "b*tchhhh who is you? Touch me one more time! Your hands about to be cut off b*tchhh."
mugrez mugrez Oct 26, 2016
I would be praying for my life right about now. Probably shart on myself too. Lmao